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Re: Situation Regarding COVID-19

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Re: Situation Regarding COVID-19



To all our valued clients and associates:

Circumstances surrounding the global spread of COVID-19, known as the Coronavirus, are rapidly changing. We want to inform you that we are open and normally operating without any problems.

We have taken special measures to ensure both the safety of our people and communities, and the uninterrupted quality services for our clients and associates. We also have our internal contingency plan renewed so that we will be able to protect the important cases of our clients and associates against any impact in case of emergency. We assure you of our continuing ability to serve all of your needs in most secure manner.

We are closely monitoring the developments and following all government recommendations for implementation of any additional safeguard required, and will provide updates as necessary.

Please contact us for any questions or concerns you may have. We send our best wishes to everyone affected by the disease and facing difficulties during this time. Our thoughts are with them.




Contact SUZUYE - patent, trademark and design

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